If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, let this be the year you get things off the ground – there’s no better time for it. To this end, there are plenty of sources that can provide you with the small business loan you’ll need; just be ready for the application process by getting things together beforehand. This includes a business plan and maybe even collateral – depending on the type of loan you seek.

Credit Utilization Tactics

All this means is that you should try and build up your credit history through credit utilization. When it comes time to petition for a small business loan, this will work in your favor – as long as you haven’t defaulted or missed payments and had them reported to credit bureaus. It helps, too, if you later establish new credit using the tax identification number of your business, once the latter is established.

Small Business Administration

If you can qualify, there are few – if any – places from which you can get better terms for a small business loan. Reach out to a rep even before you have everything together, to gauge the viability of acquiring a loan with the government as your guarantor. It often requires stellar credit; the rep can provide you with a list of sponsored lenders that you can look into. You can try opening up a business account with one of these lenders to facilitate future small business loan prospects.

Using Collateral

If for whatever reason, your credit history is subpar, then there are loans out there that will consider collateral. Before you do this, however, try and apply for a loan where you currently bank. This is why it is imperative to first have a business plan to greatly improve your chances.

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