Want to improve your company’s cash flow? Here is what you need to know to improve your business’ cash flow fast:

  • Look at leasing necessary equipment, property, and supplies in lieu of buying them outright. This can help conserve funds and maintain cash flow for new businesses. Don’t forget to write off your lease payments at tax time!
  • Provide customers with an incentive to pay their invoices promptly, even early. This can help sustain you and improve cash flow fast.   
  • Make sure that you check out customers’ credit before extending payments for them. Late payments can impact cash flow significantly. Some companies may require a down payment or high interest fees for those customers with poor or questionable credit ratings.   
  • Can you buy supplies in bulk and in cooperation with other businesses in your area? This may earn all a hefty discount.   
  • Don’t postpone or delay sending out bills or invoices. The sooner clients receive notice, the faster they can render payment. Make sure that you send out bills promptly.   
  • Consider your inventory and whether it is time to eliminate products or offerings that are not moving as well as others. This has the potential of freeing up cash flow.   
  • Setting up electronic payments for your own outstanding bills and expenses can also improve cash flow. These often come with a discount or incentive for online bill-pay services.   
  • Shop around for the best prices from suppliers. Don’t let cost be the only factor, however; remember that service can also be a valuable commodity when running a business.
  • Start saving in a high-interest savings account. Let your money earn you more money!   

Use these tips to improve your company’s cash flow. If you need funds for your business or investment, talk to the team at Point High Finance, an alternative lender. Call or visit today.