Purchase Order Financing

Reach Expansion Goals Effortlessly with Purchase Order Financing

Financial growth is good for your business. Every company needs to have goals and reach them. Purchase order financing is an amazing tool because it lets you comfortably expand your capabilities, client base, reputation, and profits. At Point High Finance, we can help you reach your expansion goals seamlessly with the help of our flexible financing.

Help Reaching More Customers and Larger Customers

How does purchase order financing assist in growing your business? Put simply, it allows you to take on larger orders without needing to risk your companies assets. This puts you in the position to serve more customers and to work with larger businesses that your cash flow may not have accommodated before.

Before, you may have needed to carefully control the amount of inventory you ordered to avoid overreaching with available capital. Thanks to PO financing, however, there are no limits. You don’t have to worry about inventory management or balancing client ordering patterns.

The Loan-Free Way to Expand Your Business

Purchase order financing isn’t a loan in the traditional sense. It’s more like outsourcing your ordering and shipping. This provides many benefits:

  • Better order fulfillment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • No collateral required
  • No risk to business assets
  • No loan payments to worry about
  • No impact on your available credit
  • No down payments needed

Discover if PO financing is a good fit for your business right away. Contact us to today learn more.