Merchant Cash Advance

Get Just the Right Amount of Financing Quickly and Easily

With traditional loans, it’s often necessary to apply for a larger amount than you need simply because you know how long it takes to get approved. With a merchant cash advance from Point High Finance, that’s not the case. You can get approved and receive financing quickly for any need. This flexibility makes running your business much simpler.

Which Is Better: A Large One-Time Loan or Many Smaller Loans?

There are benefits to conventional loans for large purchases such as heavy equipment and real estate. When your business is looking for financing to cover recurring costs such as inventory purchases, however, it’s better to have access to capital financing that you can customize each time. Our Merchant Cash Advance Program features:

  • Up to $200,000 per business location
  • Fast closings
  • No balloon payments
  • No prepayment penalties

You can apply for MCA financing based on your monthly credit card receipts only. You don’t need to fill out a complicated application or have perfect credit. The funds are generally deposited in your account within one week. Every time you have a need, it’s simple to get a merchant cash advance to handle it.

What Should You Know about MCA Financing?

There are no fixed payments with this type of financing. Repayment happens automatically based on a percentage of your credit card sales. There are no closing costs and you don’t have to use any collateral. To discover the benefits of this phenomenal financing option, contact the team at Point High Finance right away.