Accounts Receivable Financing

Balance Your Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Financing

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is balancing cash flow. This presents a problem when you have an urgent need for capital, such as for buying inventory or handling unexpected expenses. At Point High Finance, we provide the ideal solution: accounts receivable financing. This type of alternative financing will accelerate your cash flow and give you access to fast working capital without placing debt on the books.

Limitless Financing

Unlike more traditional financing such as working capital loans, accounts receivable financing – or AR financing – has no limits. You decide how much or how little capital you need. Financing receivables doesn’t leave you with any debt because you’re simply getting a cash advance of your own business assets.

Versatile Funding

How can you put AR financing to work to improve cash flow? Here are a few options:

  • Take advantage of sales to purchase equipment
  • Get larger discounts for inventory purchases
  • Expand your business without debt
  • Cover emergency expenses immediately
  • Hire additional employees to adapt to seasonal changes

Whether you need to invest in building a new website for your business or repairing essential equipment, accounts receivable financing ensures you can get the funds right away.

Expert Assistance Financing Receivables

The team at Point High Finance will help you get set up with everything needed to improve your cash flow with accounts receivable financing. To learn more about this popular program, contact us right away.