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How Medical Factoring Can Finance a Hospital

For small to mid-sized hospitals, managing cash flow can be a challenge. After all, one of their primary revenue sources is claim payments from insurance companies- and unfortunately, these companies...... Read More

Is Collateral Needed for a Line of Credit?

Essentially all businesses need additional funding sometime or another. One type is a line of credit. Can it be useful to your business? What is a Line of Credit? A line...... Read More

The Truth Behind Inventory Financing

If you run a business. you may find that you don’t always receive revenues promptly. Yet, operating expenses such as rent and utilities must be met every month. In essence, you...... Read More

What is Purchase Order Financing?

One of the biggest challenges for a small product wholesaler is getting an order that they can’t fulfill because it’s too big. A large order is only a good thing...... Read More